"There is no power for change greater than a community discovering what it cares about."

- Margaret J. Wheatley-




Our mission is to create a peaceful world. We believe this is possible by empowering families, facilitating an inclusive and supportive community, as well as providing education and resources relevant to new families.





Our philosophy includes peace and respect expressed to ourselves, our children, our community and to our planet. They are expressed in the following statements:



How we give birth impacts us deeply and has connections to our parenting journey.



The power to make informed choices about our bodies in pregnancy, labor, birth, and beyond is important.



Responding to children’s needs with love and empathy builds trust and promotes bonding and attachment.



Striving to use respect and compassion when teaching our children, teaches them to be respectful and compassionate.


Through connection with nature, we can teach our children respect for the resources of our world and raise the next generation of environmental stewards.



A community that is respectful, inclusive and supportive is important for parents and children.



Leaving our children’s genitals intact, by avoiding routine circumcision, respects their choices about their bodies.



By promoting and creating peace in our homes, we can promote and create peace in our world.


“By promoting and creating peace in our homes, we can promote and create peace in our world.”

Tori Caswell  |  Co-Founder



Birth Connections is a grassroots community founded in 2007 by Amy Townsend and Tori Caswell. They were birth doulas helping new families in Stillwater, OK. Amy and Tori were new mothers as well and they wanted a community of families that strayed a bit off the beaten path, in one way or another. They started holding meetings on topics related to pregnancy, birth and parenting. Discussions have included:


cloth diapers  -  nutrition  -  herbal remedies  -  breastfeeding support  -  emotional support for new mothers  -  acknowledgment of our power giving birth  -  the importance of informed consent and informed refusal and inclusion of unique and different perspectives on these topics to foster growth, peace and inclusiveness in our community


Meeting topics have varied over the years and included education and discussion on:


baby wearing  -  baby sign language  -  vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC)  -  cloth diapering  -  fertility awareness  -  midwifery care and birth  -  doula support  -  yoga  -  bodywork  -  car seat safety  -  circumcision  -  birth stories  -  gentle parenting/loving guidance  -  gender stereotypes  -  teaching children to celebrate diversity  -  mothering the mother/4th trimester


 We've invited many knowledgeable speakers to educate and facilitate discussions for our members.  Birth Connections has also facilitated an active, respectful, diverse and resourceful community of parents that interact on Facebook. Between the Facebook group and community meetings, Birth Connections has served as place to cultivate friendships with other parents who have similar philosophies of peace, acceptance and the importance of birth, mothering, fathering and parenting.  


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